1. One thing to keep in mind with the F# is that your right-hand ring-finger is covering two holes at the same time. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to only partially cover these holes, letting some air sneak out. And when that happens, the F# will sound off. So making sure that last double-hole is covered well, and remember to use less and less air as you play the lower notes… that helps quite a lot!

      Thanks for watching!!! And I hope you keep going!

    1. The two main reasons it might squeak is because 1) you may not be covering all the holes completely with your fingers. Often when you use your second hand, the first hand might accidentally move and not cover the holes all the way. 2) you might be blowing too hard. It’s easy to blow too hard on lower notes, so with those, you need to try to use even less air. I try to open my mouth as tall (with the lips still closed around the recorder) when I play the low notes- it seems to help me use just the right about of air.

    2. I’d like to expand on what was said below. This can be a warm up too. Do a “normal” scale of the whole notes (no sharps or flats except f#) (for this song and many others) at a slow to medium speed first down the scale and then up. Assuming a Soprano Recorder. Left Hand: Go down from B, A , G one note at a time.- Stop there for a moment. If that worked well and is solid, go up and down a few times. .. Right Hand: Then continue down F#, E, D . If and when you got a squeak or bad note – then that is where you need more work. Work to get each note good. Again, practice at your own speed, no pressure, no audience; just you and the recorder. (for example, I am now practicing to get better at playing with a lighter finger pressure and I am practicing to transition up to the 2nd register: c, d, then e’, f’ , g’ in the high register.) Another thing to try is .. when playing the song and you get a bad note, just stop, blow, if the problem recreates, then lift one finger at a time blowing each time. when the problem stops, the problem was with the finger that just got lifted. ps I haven’t yet tried to play the all the sharps and flats from D to D. that for some other day.

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