Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Jazz reharmonization  Tutorial

Reharmonization of Twinkle Twinkle using common jazz chords, progressions and substitutions using a simple step by step
Available to download :
1.00 -Step 1 Original Harmony
1.40- Step 2 add dominant 7th
2.34 -Step 3 add secondary dominant
3.36 – Step 4 Introduce #iv-7b5 chord
5.00 – Step 5 Introduce #ivo7 chord
5.30 – Step 6 Add iv- chord
6.14 – Step 7 substituting iii-7 chord
7.00 – Step 8 Introduce vi7 chord
8.00 – Step 9 add iv7 chord
8.30- Step 10 starting out with the #iv-7b5 chord


  1. Question, when you’re throwing in the non diatonic chords, like the Dbmaj7, how are you knowing these will work? Is there a theoretical reason like with the tritone substitutions or does it just come down to it having the needed melody note and sounding good? I’m having a hard time understanding how people decide which chords to use when they’re not diatonic to the key.

    1. hi! there are many non diatonic chords that are used in hundreds of tunes and have become part of the arsenal of the reharmonizer, like resolving to the biimaj7 Db maj7 before the c maj. I am making a video right now tackling this. However it sounds good, use it!

  2. Hello bro. Can you please make a tutorial of how to add SATB for this song (as an example)? A simple SATB in jazz will ok. Fully SATB jazz? That’s wonderful. ?

  3. Hello. When you put the G7sus4, you played a maj second with the chord (The A that goes chromatic to the A flat), but the chord says Sus4 and not Sus2. How could you note this A in the chord? It would be G7sus4add9?

    1. Just to be clear, a G9sus4 would contain the A (9th), and the third (B) would be raised to the fourth (C).

      If it only contained the 9th but no 3rd or 4th, I would call it a G7sus2

  4. Hi. Just a suggestion. Instead of a keyboard diagram. It’s be great to have an actual transcription. I think you do that with other videos.
    It says I can download it under the video description. But i couldn’t find it.
    Maybe it’s only for sale, if you’re trying to sell it. I get it.
    But if it is free, please use normal transcriptions.

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