1. @theman2meet5 You need to start from a higher tone, C-DOWN that is. I don’t remember what tone I’ve pitched, but I suppose C-DOWN isn’t pitched.

    BTW, I’ve bought the game legally on N64. Also, there’s nothing such as intellectual / non-materialistic property. One cannot own particular electronic circumstances in a computer, which every game is. They’re not objectives.

  2. rofl, first i didnt notice the scarecrow jumping and dancing in the background. but when it was like “fantastic, it touched my heart” i was like: wtf lol xD

  3. OK i tried that it stiiill doesnt work
    Please help me I’m trying to play a song I made up and the darth vader theme
    He doesnt let me move the notes up and down either
    Does the fact that I’m using the gamecube version matter?

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