1. so kind Jens! Appreciate this. I just saw one of your videos about blocks of Jazz chords that motivated me to include that in this video! cheers- don’t sue me!!!

  1. to me, this demonstrates, melody is king. it is really all about melody. you can put thousands of complex chords and most people will still hear just the melody unless you do some radical reharm that clashes hard with the melody.

  2. Hi !
    Thank you for you’re videos, I really appreciate your explanations and your taste for harmony, which I’m also a huge “fanatic !

    I’m not agree with your notation, I see 2 things:
    1 – The “11”
    Just writing 11 for chord (V) extension is not right to me , which is more a guitarist notation (not harmonically correct…). I explain. When you write a dominant chord with 13 it implies the 7, the 9 and obviously the major 3 ; with 11 you should have the major 3, the 7, the 9 and the 11 (or the 4)… No need to say that is clearly bad ! Here you mean a 9sus4 when you write 11. So I think it’ll be righter to write this.

    2 – Inverted chords or non root bass
    The horizontal line with a chord above and a letter below doesn’t mean a chord with another bass than the root. It means a chord played with another chord below. I think it’ll be better to use a “/”

    It’s my point of view , I know that you know these things ! I don’t wanna be patronizing ! And maybe I’m wrong !!!! I would like to understand the reasons, why you use these notations 😉

  3. It’s just plain relaxing to watch/listen to your videos. Do one on paint drying. I’ll watch..☺

    NO papas en el Oido.

    Thanks as always. Great work – Lumpy

  4. Reharmization of certain jazz standards benefits me as a musician to expand my horizons meaning to express myself freely musically with creativity. Gives me something that I like hearing worth listening and learning because all I’m using is?(my ears).

  5. WOW! I’ve been on this planet for some time, have a BA in music composition and come from a family of educators. I honestly believe that teaching is a gift. And sir… YOU ARE A GIFTED TEACHER! So glad I’ve stumbled upon your channel. You are one in a Million!

  6. Hi Nick
    I’m starting to dig in on Twinkle and thinking about really working it out to get fluid at it in 12 keys with a variety of harmony. I was wondering if you had a thought of a progression of tunes to take this vocabulary and move it up through more complicated tunes. Like maybe a 5 tune progression. Something like Twinkle-No Greater Love-Autumn Leaves-There will Never Be Another You-Stella (point being going from simple to more complicated/chromatic melodies. Do you think that would be a worthwhile project? Maybe it would be 3 tunes instead of 5. Just wondering what tunes you might suggest. This has been teaching me a lot about chord voicings in such a simple context, definitely learning a lot.

    1. I think I’m going to add Amazing Grace as song number two in my set. Still would love your suggestions though. And maybe a video about that might be interesting (it would be cool to talk about what a 1-2 year plan for understanding harmony and improv might be).

    2. Hi, I planned a core music repetoire for my students when I ran a music school a few years ago, and amazing grace was on there for sure. Contact via facebook, or mail and we can discuss this further with pleasure. cheers

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