1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Variations – PRACTICE ALONG -Suzuki Cello 1

Suzuki Book 1: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Variations.

Performed by Chapman University Cello Professor Laszlo Mezo and pianist Nathan Lewis, this series of free tutorials is aimed at helping young students maintain focused and structured practices as a supplement to private lessons.

These videos are best watched where the pupil practices in front of a screen (tv, tablet, computer). Enjoy!

Founder & Post-Production/Media: Justin Koga
Artistic Director & Audio/Video: Laszlo Mezo

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    1. Laughs good for adults to practice by as well. I have played the violin for 20 years since elementary school, I always wanted to play the cello an now I have the opportunity to now that my children are all grown I have more time on my hands.

  1. Mr.Mezo, could you help me to find a book for cello like Wolhfahrt to violin..I’m tired to study just Suzuki’s method. I’m cello begginer student but I read sheet music really good (fluent) because I play another instruments. Thank you!

    1. Hello Angela, thank you for your comment. I would start with Rick Mooney’s Position Pieces books. These books (a series of 2) give an excellent break-down of cello finger positions as well as visual guides.

  2. Comecei a estudar violoncelo através do método Nelson Gama, mas agora estou utilizando o método Suzuki. Estou gostando muito. Por ser bem repetitivo nas técnicas, acaba se tornando mais fácil. Obrigado pela sequência de vídeos que, por sinal, são de fácil compreensão, mesmo em outro idioma.

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