Cello Instruction w/ Kayson Brown: #9 – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Suzuki Book 1, 4 var & theme

We call this the Twinkle Marathon!

It combines all the stuff you have learned to play on the cello to this point. This video is meant for you to practice with so crank up the volume and put it together at home!

Learn more at www.Learn2playCello.com.


    1. +Anirudh Brahmarouthu
      I know I’ve been so, so slow but you are my New Year’s Resolution. Hopefully you’ve found the new videos and know that more are on their way!

  1. love, love your videos. at 68 years old I wasn’t sure how I would do…..but I’m still practicing..practicing until my twinkle twinkle little star is done just right, then I’m off to the next step. Wish you had more videos. thanks so much.

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