Choo Choo Train Song | Little Angel Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes

Jack and Jill, Baby John and Mom & Dad decide to take a trip together, but they decide to ride first class on the train! Watch as the family discovers where the conductors work, the dinning room, their bed suite and much, much more. Enjoy this new version of the Choo Choo Train Song and other exciting melodies. #littleangel #littleangelnurseryrhymes #babyjohnsongs

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List of Kids Songs;

00:04 Choo Choo Train
03:41 I Wanna Be An Astronaut
07:29 Firefighters To The Rescue
10:59 Let's Play Soccer
14:34 Kick Kick Punch! This is Karate
18:20 Splish, Splash, It's Pool Time
21:39 Jack Learns To Ride His Bike

Song Lyrics

All aboard leaving soon
All aboard choo choo!
Hear the whistle blow “It's time to go!”
Here we go With the train crew
Here we go Toot toot!

Let’s go see control car!
Who is this? “Conductor!”
See the flashing lights?
“The buttons are so bright”

Here we go Trains are cool
Here we go Choo choo
See that button there!
Zooming down the tracks!

Look at this!
Trains are cool
Listen to
The choo choo!

See the view out there Nature everywhere!”
All aboard In your seats
Here comes the…
Come on in Dining car!
Come on in “Vending Machines!”
Get something to eat “Hungry, kids?”

Family trip Trains are cool
All aboard Choo choo!
Hear the whistle blow

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