Please and Thank You Song | Manners Song for Kids

Manners Song | Please and Thank You Song

With this rhyme we wish to inculcate good manners in kids. We teach them various polite words to say in different situations.

Manners Song Lyrics:-

I want to have some muffins
Give me some muffins to eat

You have forgotten the magic word
When you want something you should say please.

Please can you give me some muffins
I want to eat them today.

Use the word Please, the magic word
So wonderful to say.

I got some muffin to eat now
yum yum yummy yumm yummm.

Now that you have them you say thank you
Just like your big sis and brother do.

Thank you so much for these muffins
Now my tummy is happy today.

It's word, thankyou the magic word
So wonderful to say.

Oh no now I’ve dropped the Muffin
Ohh, what should I do of it now ?

To help make things better when you make mistake
The magic word sorry is all it takes

Sorry for dropping those muffins
I’ve dropped them by mistake

Use the word Sorry, the magic word
So wonderful to say.

Give me those towels to clean up
Hurry up! Get Out of the way.

Excuse me is the polite thing to say,
When somebody is in your way

Excuse me, i need the towels
So i can cleanup and go play

Use the word Excuse Me, the magic word
So wonderful to say.

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