Apples & Bananas, Where is my Skin? No No Safety Tips, Princess Fun Songs by Little Angel

A brand new Apples and Bananas Song. Can you help them find their Skin/Peel? #littleangel #littleangelsongs #littleangelnurseryrhymes

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Included in this compilation:
– Milkshake
– Where is my Honey?
– Baby Panda, Is that my Shadow?
– Yum Yum Vegetables
– Potty Training
– Big Bad Wolf
– The Shape Song
– Rapunzel: Where is my Comb?
– Where is my Coat?
– Moana: Where is my Boat?
– Baby Shark: Police Sharks
– Eenie meenie miney mo
– Little Mermaid
– Where is my Spike?

Animations by: Valnet Inc.
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