1. Engurishu lyricsu:
    Twinkuru, Twinkuru, riruu staa,
    How I wandaa watchuu ahhh!
    Upwababzuwa word so high,
    likuwa diamond in ze skaaa-aay,
    Twinkuru, Twinkuru, riruu staaa!
    how I wondaa wachuu ahhh!

  2. For a 14 year old girl, Kaori is so cute. Her blonde hair, her voice, her passion for music. Boy I wonder what a goddess she would be when she grows up.

    Oh wait.

    1. it’s been a couple of years now since i dropped the show, cuz i don’t think i would be able to handle what’s to come. i don’t want to experience another anohana >.<

    2. I saw this today 2 nd time , all 22 episodes , I was moved by this anime , I will say this one was the best among all the animes I have watched till date , I didn’t have the heart to watch it but still , I did …
      No matter how good it is , I can’t let it control my feelings ,
      This time the pain was lesser …
      Still I will never forget this anime nor kaori Chan??

  3. “I wanna hear it again, yet I don’t want to hear it again. I want to see her. Yet I don’t want to see her. What do you call this kind of feeling again?”

    1. ikr.. because there are no letter L in japanese language plus no consonant letters stand by itself unless being supported with vowels except letter N.. i’m staying at Japan and it’s quite hard to understand their English haha

    1. Twinkle twinkle little star
      Let’s have sex inside my car.

      Twinkle twinkle little star,
      Gummibears are chasing me.
      One is red and one is blue,
      One is crashed under my shoe.
      Now I’m running for my life,
      ‘Cause the red one has a knife.

      *bows for FSK-16 lyrics*

    1. you can, if you can prevent yourself from pronouncing the vowels with English accents. and practice i guess.. Japanese people tend to hard to speak other language because in Japanese they don’t have letter L plus no consonant letters stand by itself except letter N so, yeah..

  4. 流石にここで級に日本人の女の子がネイティヴに歌いだしたら

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