1. +John Cabrera I think she’s playing VERY WELL; not “practicing” anymore, John!!! She’s already fantastic. It’s a simple song, but this arrangement isn’t!

  1. 80% of comments:
    “See? It’s a happy piano after all”
    19% of comments:
    “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso brought me here”
    1% of comments:
    Original comments of people that are actually enjoying the music

  2. I played that song at my school, when I told them I was going to play twinkle twinkle little star all my friends and my teacher laughed. then when I play it they keep laughing and a minute later suddenly the situation becomes silent

    1. Paul Newcomb They were obviously refering to the amount of time needed to practice this specific piece. I would say 100-150 hours is a good estimate for that.

  3. What I like most, other than the beautiful playing, is that Natalie doesn’t seem at all like the overly trained (and disciplined) kids who are robotically virtuosic. She seems to take real delight in making this music while remaining fully human. Go, Natalie!!

  4. In all of the performances I’ve seen, this has made me the happiest to watch. Not only does it sound beautiful and elegant, but the way she expresses herself through the music is very heartwarming.

    1. May I ask why is the reason for that? Musicality and techniques mature over age of course but some kids apparently pick up on both surprisingly early. And easy

    1. Allison Lee maybe you don’t know that Mozart got killed by SALIERI at the age of 30 and that Mozart was the one who crated twinkle twinkle little star when he was only 7 please don’t talk about music if u don’t anything and if you don’t play it…it makes me mad ok?

    2. omg jesus christ. I loved that Anime and love the fact that it brings some people to classical beauty. But you don’t need to refer a music by a great composer to a meere anime. Why not enjoy the piece by itself, being the creation of a master?

  5. People tell me to start learning piano with twinkle twinkle little star, welp, I could reject them by this….

    Just Kidding. I really like your music, it was perfecto

  6. LOL SwKnU fans commenting ” see its a happy piano after all ~”
    Why not comment about how magnificently this girl plays the piano rather than commenting about Kaori
    Kaori’s in her grave guys let her reast in peace already~
    *also a SwKnU fan~

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