Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – Piano Tutorial

Learn how to play on the piano Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Easy piano lesson tutorial for beginners.

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  1. Dear mom and dad, if i were to start over as a baby again please put me in piano lessons as soon as i can walk so i dont end up frustrated like i am now. (AHHHHHHHH hands want to mirror each other)

    1. We are with you.
      I alws had a piano but now i decided to learn at least this Song sadly each time i remember i cry, and remember i dont want to forget her, still more Tears.

  2. Hi your tutorial are very helpfull, but I have a request, could you do a tutorial of some song of one direction? 
    my daughter is starting to play the piano, but the songs in the book are not as attractive to her, I think that children would find much more stimulating to learn the songs that they like. Thank you so much if you do, waiting for your answer

  3. I am a complete beginner too, but I got the right hand notes down. It’s just the left hand notes, I can’t change it quick enough in time! D: hope I can master it sometime soon, helpful tutorial, thanks!

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