JOHNY JOHNY YES PAPA (Strange Nursery Rhyme Videos)

I delve into the world of Johny Johny Yes Papa Nursery Rhyme videos. Wish me luck.


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Background music ► Warp Room – Crash Bandicoot Warped Music

Outro song ► Lemaitre – Not Too Late


  1. “Johny, Johny”

    There he stood… his massive stature only matched by the angry roars of the crowd.

    I tried to think of something to tell him, but the only thing that came out was:

    “Yes, papa?”

    His stern expression didn’t change, even if it wasn’t his own son. I couldn’t believe it…

    “Eating, sugar?”

    I kept forward as much as the chains would let me, and yelled at him:


    “Telling lies…?” Was all he replied with.


    Nothing seemed to get to him. The blade in his hand began to rise up and point at my throat.

    “Open wide…”

    The “thing” beside me pried open my jaws as Father pulled his arm back. There was nothing I could do.

    The two things going through my mind were regret

    and steel.

  2. “Jonathan, I repeat, Jonathan”
    “Yes father? What do you call my attention for”?
    “Have you been consuming the sugar in secrecy while not under my supervision”?
    “You are under the pretense that I have father, however that is not the case”.
    “You would dare fabricate this falsity that you have not consumed the sugar? To your own father”?
    “I must repeat father, these claims are most untrue”.
    “If this is indeed true, please present your oral cavity Jonathan”.

    Ha ha ha

  3. His hand reached for the door knob, opening the door and was greeted by the sight of his wife at the kitchen table. Her brown hair was tied into a pony tail, her bangs framing her face, and an open box of pepperoni pizza lay on the table, the missing slice in his wife’s hand.

    He smiled at this, shaking his head as he addressed her. “Sweety, sweety.”

    “Yes, darling?” She asked, though her voice did not carry the same musical tone as his own.

    “Eating pizza?” He asked, crossing his arms in mock anger.


    He froze, his next words catching in his throat at his wife’s answer and the sound of a record scratching in his mind. No, she didn’t say that. She could not have said that. She wouldn’t dare break the ritual, she wouldn’t dare risk the wrath of the old ones. But she was still speaking, her words drowned out by the ringing in his ears.

    “T-telling lies?” he chocked out, stopping her in her rant and earning a strange look.

    “Obviously not, dear. Listen, I know this is a little joke between you and your family, but I’m honestly just tired of it.” She sighed, standing up from the table to face him. “Listen, I would just like to eat something normally for one, without all the song and dance.”

    She paused here and he felt his mouth move on its own accord again.

    “Open your mouth.”

    She opened her mouth, to say more, only for her expression to become horrified as blood began to pour rapidly from it, spilling onto the shag carpet beneath her feet. She made to close her mouth, to scream in fear and horror, only for a horrifying sounding laugh to come forth, a mockery of the normal laughter she would have done. She reached out for her husband, stepping forward to grab at him, only to trip over nothing and fall into the liquid at her feet, the same liquid that was still flowing from her mouth along with the horrible laughter.

    She was sinking, he realized in a panic, watching as she struggled against the liquid only to sink deeper with each movement. She realized her struggles were futile and looked at him once more, blue eyes sparkling with tears and fear. Her hand reached out, silently asking for him to help her. He knew he should let her sink, she had broken the covenant, disrespected the old ones with her crass words, destroyed the ritual they had all worked so hard to get so that they may eat in peace. But, she was his wife and he loved her dearly.

    His hand reached out, trying to grab his wife and pull her from the red depths.

    His hand reached out, trying

    His hand reached out

    His hand

    His hand reached for the door knob, opening the door and was greeted by the sight of his wife at the kitchen table. Her blonde hair was tied into a neat bun, resting atop her head, and an open box of pepperoni pizza lay on the table, the missing slice in his wife’s hand.

    He smiled at this, shaking his head as he addressed her. “Sweety, sweety.”

    “Yes, darling?” She asked, turning to face him with her soulless black eyes, her voice following the pitch of the music. Good and obedient.

    “Eating pizza?” He asked, crossing his arms in mock anger.

    “No, darling.”

  4. Papa: Johnny Johnny
    Johnny: yes papa
    Papa: eating people
    Johnny: yes papa
    Papa: please don’t eat me
    Johnny: no papa
    Papa: someone help me
    Johnny: die papa

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    1. Johnny Johnny?
      Are you the dumb?
      WHO NOW?
      Murdering thousands of innocents?
      Open your mouth!
      jhonny please your mother and I are scared

  5. Slazo… Slazo!
    Yes surprise toys?
    Using our videos without permission?
    ..No papa….
    Open your mouth~!
    Ha! Ha! H-Video unavailable
    This video contains content from Billion Surprise Toys™, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

  6. Alright hear me out Johnny Johnny yes papa is actually a quick documentary of the Soviet Union. In one video we see the grandfather go to grab a cookie, Johnny and his father quickly enter and ask the old man what he is doing. The grandfather responds that he wasn’t eating food (In this case the grandfather represents Joseph Stalin, and the grandmother represents Sergei Kirov The father and mother represent political leaders of each individual soviet state, and Johnny and Chiya represent the common man who is willing to sellout their fellow comrades and soviet political leaders to try and gain power in the government) Next we see the grandmother (Sergei Kirov) eating icecream, Chiya discovers this and attempts to get the grandmother (Sergei Kirov) into trouble with the grandfather (Joseph Stalin) who suddenly appears to rat out his right hand man. When the grandmother (Sergei Kirov) laughs it off thats actually her blackmailing both of them (She has evidence that they to were “eating food”) Next the father shows the grandmother (Sergei Kirov) that his wife is eating pizza, This is an attempt by a local soviet leader to gain power in the government by ratting out a fellow soviet leader to Sergei Kirov. The wife than blackmails both of them to keep them quiet on her crimes. Next Chiya is caught eating a sandwich by Joseph Stalin and Sergei Kirov, again Chiya offers information regarding other soviet citizens and proceeds to blackmail both of them. And finally Johnny is caught eating chocolate by two local soviet leaders, he is threatened and finally blackmails both of them into silence, in conclusion Johnny Johnny yes papa represents the soviet power vacuum.

  7. Wait so the grandfather is suggested to be the fathers dad, the grandmother calls him honey suggesting they are married but the mother calls the grandmother “mommy” um……INCEST????

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