Mozart twinkle twinkle little star 12 variations piano

Mozart twinkle twinkle little star 12 variations piano
12 Variationen über das französische Lied "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman"
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Gabriele Tomasello, piano october 18 2015


    1. I’m depressed when I play ballade no1 then hear arima play it with the violin then every time I realize that I’m bad. Its great anime tho I probably cried a thousand times because of it.

  1. Variation 1 – 0:00
    Variation 2 – 0:50
    Variation 3 – 1:40
    Variation 4 – 2:30
    Variation 5 – 3:20
    Variation 6 – 4:10
    Variation 7 – 5:40
    Variation 8 – 6:25
    Variation 9 – 7:20
    Variation 10 – 8:10
    Variation 11 – 10:25
    Variation 12 – 11:10

    1. Josh Felicilda lol you are right so he made twinkle…. not really…… these are his hands and ears who wrote this song like the others not it’s mind….you know what I mean….if it was it’s mind it would be something crazy….and insane to do…..

    1. wow 1! thats probably how the other variations were created too!
      variation 1: mozart ok starting good…*gets in zone* *ends song* oh dammit i accidentally made it too intricate…no worries ill make another one easier……

  2. Heard this the first time in the anime “Shigatsu wa kimi no uso” and was instantly amazed by this beautiful piece. So i decided to learn it without any knowledge in piano. After 3 days of practice i can play the the first part, now for the first variation 🙂

    1. I think nodame cantabile is better for musicians and its very realistic (im not saying your lie in April isn’t). YLIA tells a great story which makes it easier for non musicians to enjoy. basically im saying neither of them is better than the other, it differs from person to person

    2. Lmao I came here bcs all 12 variations were what lulled me to sleep when I younger and now I’m trying to see if it can break through this insufferable insomnia I’ve acquired as as teen.

    1. ちょこみこちゃ hey, i just want to say that everyone has their own pace and time. Dont compare yourself to everyone. Just live your life and everything will fall into places.

    1. Jesús Carreon you dumbass, twinkle twinkle (the children song) was done by an English poet from London. and heck there’s nothing fucking wrong with the children song version, it’s for fucking children. of course it’s gonna be a watered down version of the original piece.

      if mozart is alive today he would be delighted to see that the music he created is known and enjoyed by almost every single child all around the world. so stop acting like fucking elitists you manchilds.

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