EASY Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for Ukulele (Tutorial)

Whenever my students are distracted, I start playing and singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ⭐️ and the kids STOP everything they’re doing and sing along. Once I have their attention I slow down and we sing the ABCs song in a much quieter voice. I slow down the ending and bring it down to a whisper. This is an effective way to change the energy in the classroom without the kids knowing you’re working your making on them 😉

For this song you will need chords C, F, and G7. If G Chord is easier for you than G7, then play G chord instead.


1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (watching now)

2. You Are My Sunshine (coming soon)


Remember: my song tutorials are not meant to be mastered in one sitting. They are meant to be practiced every day until you see progress. Every song you learn makes you better at ukuleles.

Special thanks to Yisha Liu for requesting an easy tutorial for Twinkle, Twinkle Litte Star. I thought it was a fantastic idea!

PDF Download:

Thank you, Capotasto Music!


I am playing the Makanu Tattoo Ukulele in this video.
(Makanu Concert Ukulele with Gig Bag Spruce with Tattoo)
To see an unboxing/first impressions video on this uke, click below

this uke, follow the link below





Bernadette Etcheverry
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Hi! My name is Ms. B and I am a happy ukulele teacher working in Okinawa, Japan. I love technology, I love learning more about the ukulele, and I love helping beginners.

I hope you found value in my video. Please let me know if there is a video I can make that will help you.


  1. Ty so much for posting this video because i’m just now learning how to play the uke and this is going to be my frist song i’m going to play it at my branch for story time i need to ty ty ty

  2. I love that you put the slash marks by the notes. It really helps me. I get confused easily with reading music, and figuring out exactly how many times I’m supposed to play each chord. I’m still really new to this, and your videos are so helpful. Many of the tutorials I have watched have still been too advanced for me, and I’ve been left feeling helpless; like I would never learn how to play my ukulele. Your videos have helped me get over that fear, so I thank you very much for your tutorials. ?

  3. My first ukulele just arrived today. I spent over hour practicing this song and the chords. I think I’ve mostly got it. Thank you for explaining it well enough that I (being completely new) could understand.

  4. I’m a beginner and you are helping me so much I just want to thankyou for all the help and I hope you have an amazing day and I love KitKat he or she is the cutest and your so beautiful! and I hope the best for your channel you deserve all the love and subscribers

    1. Valery, you are so sweet and so kind! Thank you for taking the time to write a comment and let me know that these tutorials are helping you!!! ?? I will give KitKat a treat from you 😉 keep me updated on your progress!

  5. I love this video! Before I could only play C chord and F chord…by watching where you placed your fingers I learned G7! And I learned the song after watching the video twice. Thank you!

  6. I’m new to your channel I just received my ukulele a 21in really nice around 60 bucks on Amazon. I need to catch up and I can’t wait you are my favorite person I found so far with ukulele on YouTube. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Hi Tonya! ??
      Welcome to this ukulele community! You’re going to love it! Please comment if you’re ever struggling with something or have a question. This community is full of beginners and intermediate players, so make yourself right at home ??

  7. Soooooo i just bought my ukelele and i was looking for a simple tutorial and Bualaaa here you are and it’s only been 40 seconds you’re really helpful I appreciate that New Subscriber

  8. Got this one, but keep them coming. My grandson, Toby, will visit, point to my ukulele and will say ” Row, Row” which is Row, Row Row Your Boat, upon completion he will immediately say ” Row Row” and so we go on. It only requires one chord which is C. Last week, after a while of doing this he said ” Morning Granddad Morning ” I thought he must mean ” Morningtown Ride ” All I got from him was ” No Granddad, Morning “. I searched through my kiddies file and after many false starts found what he meant. The song he wanted was ” What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor” one line of it goes ” early in the morning “. Those are now his two favourite songs. Toby, by the way is 2 years old. Could this also be José favourite song? ???. Give him my regards. Ken

    1. Bernadette Teaches Music . Played a gig today and as it was half term I took, Phoebe, my granddaughter, along with me. The gig was for a kiddies group. Phoebe was brilliant, she surprised me, she strummed her ukulele and sang her little heart out. She is six years old, I’ve only just had the courage to sing solo and that’s since I met someone called Bernadette who encouraged me to do so. The songs we did were, Old Macdonald Had a Farm (3 chords ), Unicorn Song (3 chords) and The Animals Went In Two by Two (5 chords) I let her play on the principle ” if you get stuck on anything go straight to C and I’ll cover for you. Works well. Ken

  9. I’m just starting learning ukulele and it’s day 2 for this song. Today was better than yesterday. This is harder than it looks! ? Thanks for your great instructions and advice to “take it slowly”!! ???✌️

  10. i remember when i first started playing and couldn’t even play this song. my mum was not impressed ???? but now im able to play songs like Can’t help falling in love-elvis presley. Practice does affect how well you play overtime. Thanks for promoting this message through your channel.When i first started, I always rushed into things like learning new chords before mastering the old ones. But then i found your channel and you always emphasise on practicing and taking it slow. So, thank you!

    1. That’s good to know. Because I’ve only been playing for 18 days, following the 30Day Challenge, and sometimes I despair when I can’t do something right. But I don’t want to fall back into old habits and give up totally because things get a bit challenging. It’s an unhealthy pattern. I want to keep on going.

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